Tutoring And Educational Program

Program Structure

Our personalised academic tutoring program builds the skills, study habits and determination necessary to excel in the classroom and beyond. We also take great pride in our tutors. Infinity tutors have undertaken extensive training with a proven record of achieving excellent results.

How We Do It

We cover the entire syllabus for the year of the chosen level. Tutoring is delivered in small groups and all groups are of the same year and same standard. Students are also assessed prior to allocation to ensure Infinity Tutoring maintain high learning standards within each group.


Our Program Structure

While each subject is designed to cater to the unique characteristics of the subject’s syllabus and provides a specialised method of teaching, there are a number of common characteristics as to how a lesson is conducted:

underlying theory

Students are provided with the underlying theory or approach for each module of work. Rather than rushing on and hoping for the best, we remain with the theory until each student is confident with it.


We have flexibility in how the theory is taught, from comprehensive workbooks, unique Infinity Tutoring Centre notes and exercises, videos and other methods developed over many years.

Infinity Tutors

Once the Tutor is confident each student is comfortable with the theory, they proceed to examples and in-class exercises.

Infinity Exercises

Exercises are reviewed, and where necessary, first principles discussed again.

Tutoring Materials

Infinity Tutoring materials are supplemented by a large range of exam papers sourced throughout NSW, and also a select range of textbooks.

Infinity Homeworks

Homework is set prior to the conclusion of the lesson.

To achieve best results class sizes are kept to a range from 2 to 4 students per class. This size is optimal to allow students to learn of each other and on occasion (in certain subjects) participate in group exercises, while still allowing a very hands-on individually tailored experience based on special challenges. Subject to availability, we run classes of the same standard at least twice a week, to provide some flexibility for student’s busy after school activities.
To reinforce what students have learnt in class, homework sheets with problem exercises are issued at the end of each lesson. Homework is set from specialised materials or preferred textbooks. We design the load so that it is sufficient to solidify knowledge but appropriate given student’s other commitments.
To further reinforce and ensure students keep work learnt fresh in their minds, revision is performed at the completion of every four to five topics. Additionally, full revision is carried out on all topics at completion of the syllabus towards the end of the school year. Small classes mean we can move on before boredom hits.

We conduct classes over the school holidays with a modified schedule to term time. Class content is tailored to the students who pre-book. It includes revision but also catch-up work for students who have come late to our Centre. For more advanced students, during the appropriate school break, a focus on exam practice and exam technique is favoured.

In order to ensure appropriately tailored lessons we require pre-bookings and prepayment for classes. Classes do not run without minimum numbers being met as special materials are prepared by tutors and this requires volume.

Performed under examination conditions, practice exams are held prior to the most critical school exam periods. Examination technique are discussed and worked on for the purpose of overcoming the anxiety and stress of exam conditions. These exams also give the Tutor an indication of the student’s progress and areas requiring special attention throughout the year.